Wednesday 21 November - Pre conference day

You need to register and pay to attend the below pre-conference workshops. 

9.00am - 11.30am Long Case Assessor calibration workshop
Dr Venugopal Kochiyil

10.00am - 12.00pm  
Workshop: Severe TBI epidemiology with an Asia/Oceania emphasis. Classification on initial prognostication 
Richard Seemann

Models of TBI care and rehabilitation
Ian Baguley
$130.00 per ticket
Ultrasound guided injections: Spine + other
Chair: Prof Simon Tang
$130.00 per ticket
Spinal cord injuries: Medical update
Raj Singhal
$130.00 per ticket
12.00pm - 3.00pm Workshop: SPDP Supervisor
Dr Venugopal Kochiyil

12.30pm - 2.30pm

Workshop: Medical and neuropsychiatric issues related to severe TBI
Prof David Cifu, Robin Sekerak
$130.00 per ticket
Workshop: Ultrasound guided injections: Diagnostic / therapeutic: Upper limbs
Carl Chen
$130.00 per ticket 
Workshop: Neuropathic Bladder and Bowel
Assoc Prof Ted Arnold, Sharon English
$130.00 per ticket 
Kindly sponsored by Coloplast 
3.00pm - 5.00pm
Workshop: Pain management
Dr John MacVicar, Prof Nik Bogduk
$130.00 per ticket 
Workshop: Long term outcomes after mild traumatic brain injury
Dr Debbie Snell, Alice Theadom
$130.00 per ticket   
Workshop: Ultrasound Guided Injections: Diagnostic / Therapeutic: Lower limbs
Dr Amit Bhargava
$130.00 per ticket 
Workshop: Psychological adjustment
Tom Marshall
$130.00 per ticket 

3.00pm - 5.00pm  AOSPRM Executive meeting RMSANZ Business meeting

5.30pm - 7.00pm Welcome function amongst the exhibition

Thursday 22 November 

Time Brain injury focus
8.30am Powhiri
9.00am Welcome address
Dr Shaun Xiong, Dr Lee Laycock
  Chairs: Dr Shaun Xiong, Dr Lee Laycock 
9.30am A rehabilitation approach to TBI: 2018 update
Prof David Cifu
Sponsored by ACC
10.30am Morning tea
  Chair: Richard Seemann, Angela Tulaar
11.00am Long term functional outcome after acquired brain injury
Prof John Olver
11.30am Medical challenges of TBI
Ian Baguley
12.00pm Factors predicting cognitive and psychoscial outcome following traumatic brain injury
Jennie Ponsford
12.30pm Lunch and poster viewing amongst the exhibition
1.30pm Workshop: Osseointegration and Bionic Limb Integrates to Bone, Nerves and Muscles
Mr Steven Gray

A Retrospective Study of the Changes of the Pharyngeal 
Seungki Baek
Walking improvements after repeated abobotulinumtoxinA injections and correlation with time since stroke or TBI in adults with lower limb spastic hemiparesis
Ian Baguley
Return to Work Following Moderate-to-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Dr Kristin Gozdzikowska

1.45pm Rehabilitation outcomes of patients with chronic kidney disease, haemodialysis and strokes
Dr Shrikant Pande
Comprehensive Examination on Mobility Functions for Chronic Stroke Patients: A Case Series
M.D. Kevin Triangto
Use of Online Interventions to Improve Sleep Quality after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Study 
Assoc Prof Alice Theadon
2.00pm Post-stroke Seizure; do the locations, types and managements of stroke matter?
Dr Shrikant Pande
Treatment frequency for long-term efficacy of abobotulinumtoxinA injections: a phase 3 study in patients with lower limb spasticity following stroke or traumatic brain injury 
Prof John Olver
Wrestling with contradiction between knowledge and experience after mild traumatic brain injury: a mixed methods stidy
Dr Deborah Snell
2.15pm One-in-five older stroke survivors received no post-acute rehabilitation, yet reported high levels of depression and poor quality of life at 12-months: an exploratory analysis from the AVERT trial.
MD Lilian Carvalho

The Score of Berg Balance Scale Discriminate Household and Community Ambulation in Patients with Stroke: A Study of the Population Admitted to Post-Acute Care Programs in Taiwan.
Senwei Tsai
Sports Concussion Centre of Excellence: an ACC-funded pilot to provide an integrated sports concussion service
Dr Sarah Bradbury
  Chairs: Alex Ganora, Leonard Li
2.30pm PREP2: Tailoring upper limb rehabilitation after stroke
Assoc Prof Cathy Stinear
The Norington Lecture
3.00pm The future of Cancer rehabilitation
Prof Fary Khan 
3.30pm Afternoon tea
  Chair: Raj Singhal, Prof Jianjun Li
4.00pm Australian and New Zealand AROC update
Frances Simmonds
Workshop: Rehabilitation service assessment and implementation in the Asia-Oceania region
Prof Christoph Gutenbrunner, Dr Boya Nugraha, Prof Mouwang Zhou 
Workshop: Advanced ultrasound guided botulinum toxin injections to salivary glands
Prof Heak Yung Kim, Prof Areerat Suputtitada
Workshop: Cancer Rehabilitation
Prof Andrew Cole

4.30pm Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury
Prof Seong Woong Kang
5.00pm Factors affecting the survival in post stroke patients
Dr Shrikant Pande
5.15pm Goal Achievement Scaling (GAS) method in general inpatient rehabilitation population: the association between individual goals' difficulty, importance, and degree of achievement
Dr Irina Churilov
5.30pm Disaster relief
Prof Fary Khan
Electrodiagnosis Education Session 
Prof Seyed Mansoor Rayegani
SIG Group meetings 

Friday 23 November

Time Rehabilitation technology and musculoskeletal focus
7.30am - 8.30am  Early Intervention for Post-Stroke Spasticity
Assoc Prof Barry Rawicki
Sponsored by Allergan
$30.00 per ticket
Paediatric abusive head trauma 
Dr Patrick Kelly
Kati Irmeli Wilson
Sponsored by ACC 
$30.00 per ticket
People and Places: Rehabilitation and Community Inclusion 
Dr Johnny Bourke
Alan Clarke memorial lecture
$30.00 per ticket
  Chairs: Dr Geoffrey Speldewinde, Steven Faux
8.30am Rehab technology
Prof Eiichi Saitoh 
9.30am Increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitation in individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain
Prof Rob Smeets
The inaugural Garry Pearce lecture
10.00am Morning tea
  Chairs: Prof Carl Chen, Prof Nik Bogduk
10.30am Interventional treatment for pain of spinal origin
Dr John MacVicar
11.00am Musculoskeletal medicine, treatment and rehabilitation for pain disorder
Dr John Alchin
11.30am Musculoskeletal pain management
Carl Chen
12.00pm Lunch and poster viewing amongst the exhibition
Perspectives on the history of rehabilitation medicine 
Indigenous health/ Asia Perspective Allied health/ alternative medicine  Selective languages TBC
  Chair: Prof Eiichi Saitoh Chair: Prof Toyoko Asami Chair: Mr Thomas Lin, Lidian Chen
Chair: Heak Yung Kim 
1.00pm The development of rehabilitation services in the Australasian region
John Olver 
Fall prevention in community-dwelling older persons
Yohei Otaka
Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation
Thomas Lin, Lan Xiao, Zhibiao Lu and Prof Li Dian Chen

Changes in the health-related quality of life for children with cerebral palsy of different motor severities 
Prof Chia-Ling Chen
1.15pm Predictors for motor speech control in children with cerebral palsy: a longitudinal study
Prof Chia-Ling Chen
1.30pm WHO's initiative Rehabilitation 2030– why it is relevant for PRM?
Christoph Gutenbrunner
Development of SCI services in Samoa: an evolving journey
Kathy Dwyer 
Update from the New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register
Dr Nichola Wilson
1.45pm Active participation in sport for individuals with multiple sclerosis
Moira Smith
2.00pm  Spinal and  central sensitization in understanding chronic pain syndrome 
Reynaldo Rey-Matias

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of exercise parameters on quality of life and physical function in community dwelling people with Chronic Heart Failure.  
Katie Palmer
A survey of falls in people with dystonia
Dr Lynley Bradnam
2.15pm Factors associated with non-attendance to pulmonary rehabilitation in Canterbury, New Zealand
Mr David Chen, Mrs Louise Weatherall
Preliminary results from an observational study of functional screening tests in cervical dystonia
Ms Melani Boyce
2.30pm Rehab technology
Steven Faux 

Designing an exercise-based rehabilitation program for patients with pulmonary hypertension - review of current evidence, and design of a study protocol
Dr Karen Chia
Virtual reality movement based gaming for chronic lower back pain - a pilot trial
Mrs Alla Melman 
Disability Sports: From Rehabilitation to Paralympics - the Evolving Nature of Classification Systems
Assoc Prof Jagdish Maharaj
2.45pm 'Staying strong on the inside and outside' to keep walking and moving around:Perspectives from Aboriginal people with Machado Joseph Disease and their families from the Groote Eylandt Archipelago, Australia.
Ms Jennifer Carr
Shear Wave Sonolastography of Supraspinatus Muscle in Patients with Rotator Cuff Tear
Md, Phd Gi-young Park
The effect of identity-focused songwriting intervention on mood and psychological wellbeing post neurotrauma: a  randomized controlled trial
Dr Young-eun Lee
3.00pm Rehab technology 
Jianan Li

Does pelvic floor muscle exercise work well alone or in combination with other physiotherapy modalities for urinary incontinence following prostatectomy? A systematic review and meta-analysis 
Dr Priya Kannan
Interleukin-6 plays an essential role in pulsed electromagnetic field improving cartilage and subchondral bone in mice with osteoarthritis
Dr Xiaotian Yang
The New Zealand (NZ) approach to pressure injury (PI) prevention and management in people with spinal cord injury (SCI)
Rosemary Jarmey, Sean Bridge
3.15pm We asked our staff – 'What is your experience of working in a cancer rehabilitation unit?'
Assoc Prof Andrew Cole

The association between physical activity and low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Mr Hosam Alzahrani
10 years of Experience with Intrathecal Baclofen- A Review of Safety and Adverse Events
Assoc Prof Ray Russo

3.30pm Afternoon tea

4.00pm The effect of navicular sling vs tibialis posterior taping on medial longitudinal arch in runners, a pilot study
MD Andi Diyanti Yaumil Sulfa

Movin' and groovin' to the beat: The place of music therapy in an outpatient Parkinson's Disease group program
Ms Tanya Silveira

The effectiveness of lifestyle physical activity intervention compared to other interventions in the management of people with low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mr Hosam Alzahrani

Measuring COnnection and COllaboration in REhabilitation (CORE): Developing and piloting a measure of therapeutic relationship
Assoc Prof Nicola Kayes
4.15pm Is Osseointegration the definitive answer to amputee reconstruction? Examining the complication and re-operation rates after osseointegrated reconstruction
William Lu
Investigating the effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation+iPad-based music therapy on arm recovery after stroke; protocol for a Randomised Control Trial
Ms Tanya Silveira

Comparison of the effectiveness of ultrasound-guided subacromial steroid injections and blind subacromial steroid injections
Assoc Prof Oya  Umit Yemisci

Could coaching interventions be delivered through tele-rehabilitation to support families of children with disabilities?
Chantal Camden

Osseointegrated implants in patients with diabetes mellitus: A case series of eight patients
William Lu
Data and outcomes framework for moderate-severe TBI developed by a Collaborative 
Christine Howard-Brown
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of efficacy of high intensity laser therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome
Dr Chakarg Pongurgsorn

Redesigning the Rehabilitation Consult Service using a novel method of Proactive Rehabilitation Screening (PReSS) 
Dr Jane Wu
4.45pm Drawing on the experiences and perspectives of amputees using a Microprocessor Prosthetic Knee to inform policy and practice
Assoc Prof Nicola Kayes
An analysis of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of an inreach rehabilitation team at Wollongong Hospital from September 2010 to July 2013.
Clin Asso Prof Geoff Murray 

Physical activity and health-related quality of life in people with back pain: a population-based pooled study
Mr Hosam Alzahrani

How do we justify funding for rehabilitative interventions when the published literature is inconclusive?
Dr Melissa Barry
5.00pm - 6.00pm RMSANZ AGM
7.00pm Conference dinner, SkyCity

Saturday 24 November

Time  Spinal cord and older persons health
7.30am - 8.30am

Spinal Cord Injuries
1. Medical Update
2. Stem Cells in SCIs
Dr Shaun Xiong
Ultrasound-guided Phenol and BTX-A Neurolysis: Make It Easier & Lower Cost 
Witsanu Kumthornthip, Dr Teerada Ploypetch 
International Classification of Service Organization in Rehabilitation (ICSO-R)
Prof Christoph Gutenbrunner, Dr Boya Nugraha  


Chairs: Andrew Hall, Dr Johnny Bourke
8.30am The history of spinal cord injury care in New Zealand 
Assoc Prof Ted Arnold
The Bill Utley Memorial Lecture
9.00am The History and Future of Interventional Treatments for Spinal Disorders
Prof Nik Bogduk
10.00am Morning tea
  Chairs: Prof Areerat Suputtitada, Ian Cameron
10.30am Overview of evaluation and management of pain syndrome in children with Cerebral Palsy
Prof Heak Yung Kim
11.00am Spinal Cord Injuries: The Model in China 
Prof Jianjun Li
11.30am Evidence into Clinical Practice – A System Wide View of Falls and Fragility Fracture Prevention Outcomes for Older New Zealanders
Ken Stewart
12.00pm Frail older people: Can Rehabilitation assist?
Prof Ngaire Kerse
12.30pm Lunch and poster viewing amongst the exhibition
  Chair: Dr John Thwaites Chair: Jianan Li Chair: Dr Debbie Snell Chair: Raj Singhal
1.30pm Evaluation and treatment of low back pain after lumbar spine surgery
Dr Amit Bhargava
Diagnosis and management of Post-stroke CRPS
Leonard Li
Mindfulness and stroke
Richard Siegert
Urological issues in the care of neurological patientss
Sharon English, Assoc Prof Ted Arnold
2.00pm Training for tomorrows rehabilitation specialists
Dr John Thwaites

Skill training in swallowing rehabilitation
Prof Maggie-Lee Huckabee
Prof Toyoko Asami

2.30pm - 3.00pm Closing, awards and hand over ceremony

Sunday 25 November

You need to register and pay $130 to attend the below post-conference workshop. 

Time Concussion rehabilitation update
  Chair: Dr Richard Seemann
9.00am  Concussion rehabilitation seminar: learnings from research on mild TBI in the VA
Prof David Cifu
9.20am  Headache Diagnosis and Management in Concussion
Dr Richard Seemann
9.40am The role of the Clinical Neuropsychologist in understanding and treating concussion
Chris Dyson
10.00am Morning Tea
10.40am Multidisciplinary Concussion Rehab: A unique approach to returning a teen athlete to school and daily activities following sports concussion.
Kristen Clarke, Hannah Carter
11.20am The basics of behavioural optometry in respect of concussion
Evan Brown
11.40am Sports related concussion from an NZ perspective
Dr Mark Fulcher
12.00pm Panel discussion
12.30pm Day close




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